What’s In Your Walls?

Net-Zero Homes Starts with Better Insulation

by cellulose.org

WallsThe concept of Net-Zero Energy homes appears to be moving forward toward main stream. California is leading the nation with a goal of having all new homes constructed by 2020 achieving net-zero under its Residential ZNE Plan. Builders and homeowners in other areas around the country appear to be embracing the concept of homes that consume no more energy than they generate.

A Net-Zero Energy Home is one that nets to zero for its energy con-sumption. A Home Energy Rating System HERS score of zero, certified by a Residential Energy Services Network RESNET inspection, is the     standard for confirmation. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the typical older exiting home will have a HERS score of 130. So, well above zero.

Technically, any dwelling can achieve net zero if enough alternative energy is used. To achieve net-zero, a home will have some type of sustainable   energy source, typically solar, allowing it to generate as much power as it consumes thus netting zero energy. However, the cost of generating enough alternative power to match the energy consumed by a home with poor energy efficiency quickly becomes cost prohibitive. First and foremost, a Net-Zero home must be highly energy efficient.

A key component to increased energy efficiency in homes is better insulation. It’s also one of the most cost effective methods to making net-zero homes more affordable. Residential architects and builders working toward net-zero homes are taking a holistic approach to energy efficiency in the design, construction and building product specifications. This includes designing tighter homes with more insulation. Those with a green eye focused on the environment, as well as energy savings, are specifying Eco-friendly recycled products like cellulose insulation in their plans for net-zero energy homes.

Buyers considering a newly constructed home should ask builders to provide a HERS score rating specifically for the home they intend to buy or build. Homes with a lower score may be a better buy in the long run since the energy savings, particularly for net-zero homes, can add up to thousands of dollars over time. Owners of older homes can take steps, such as retrofitting to improve insulation, to lower their HERS score and save as well. Find out more on retrofitting with cellulose insulation and contact RESNET Qualified Home Energy Professional to get a HERS score rating.

Graduation Day!

LFCongratulations to one of our insulation crew members, Leonard Flower’s daughter, Sierra, on graduating with the class of 2016. She graduated from High School this past weekend and plans on going to Community College where she  will be  studying business.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11

With the success of graduation come more challenges and opportunities in life. And we want to wish her the best in everything she pursues!

Light the Night With Chesmar HomesLight the Night

Taking Steps to End Cancer

The Light The Night Walk is a fundraising campaign benefiting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and their funding of research to find blood cancer cures.

It’s About Community

Coming together for a common goal, friends, families and co-workers form fundraising walk teams. Culminating in inspirational and memorable evening walks every fall, participants in nearly 200 communities across North America join together carrying illuminated lanterns to take steps to end cancer. This year, Ken Trainer, President and COO of Chesmar Homes, and Kelly Cunningham, Loan Officer with CLM Mortgage, will be leading LLS’s Light the Night Walk in San Antonio as the 2016 Corporate Walk Co-Chairs. Key Insulation is proud to be a part of this great cause and we encourage others to join us in helping   support Chesmar and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

New Employees

Picture4Hunter Sims- We would like to welcome Hunter Sims to the team! As a professional who has specialized in the housing industry over the years, Hunter is now our new Sales Rep for the Austin area. If you need a quote, he can be reached by email or by phone at (512) 645-6945.



Tina Cartagena- Tina joins Key as our newest Accounting Coordinator. She is in charge of accounts receivable and helping out management in the account department.  We want to give a big welcome to these two who have been a great addition to Key!

Getting Fit with Key

Workplace Wellness

Picture14When you’re trying to lose weight, dodging the breakroom doughnut tray, your co-worker’s candy bowl or the vending machine makes sticking to your diet that much harder. So Key Insulation has recently kicked off a fun way to stay healthier with a weekly Fitbit fitness competition! The person that took the most steps is announced and awarded at the end of each week. So let’s get fit, get healthy, and get moving!

Take Me Out to The Ballgame!

Missions Baseball Game

Key Insulation recently took everyone out for a night filled with hotdogs, baseball to watch the San Antonio Missions play the Corpus Christi Hooks! Everyone had a great time getting to know each others families and catch up outside of the office!Picture15

Words of Wisdom

Father’s Day

June is Father’s Day month. It is always a special time for me as I have two daughters who love their Daddy very much. It is also special as I reflect on my own dad. We carry the same name and I am proud of that. I can remember my mother often saying, “You’re just like your dad!” and while she did not always make it sound like a compliment, I swelled with pride. My dad by ordinary standards was ordinary: he was a carpenter by trade. I went with him on several building projects learned a few things about carpentry, but wish I had learned more. But I still carry that love of woodworking and taking things and re-purposing them like he did. I still have a desk and filing cabinet and chest he made. I still have an old TV cabinet (from those older days) that he turned into a storage space. He would often joke that his favorite


color was green –with a picture on it (and the bigger the number, the better). He taught me values just by living them. When I would help on a project, he often said, “If you are going to do something, you might as well do it right.” I remember hours of catching baseballs as he taught me how to pitch… and he was in his early sixties then. I remember old dusty roads where he taught me to drive—with a stick shift, no less. I remember family reunions on Labor Day weekends where we would pack up an old panel wagon and drive out to a roadside park near his hometown. He was my cousins’ favorite uncle by far. He has been gone for 35 years now, but there is hardly a day goes by that I do not think of him. Thanks, dad, for your strength and care. Might be a good time to call your dad.

Job Opportunities

Estimator- We are looking for an Estimator in our San Antonio office. Recent  college grads with a construction degree are encouraged to apply! Click here to apply!

Austin Sales Rep- Key is looking for a Sales Rep to sell various types of insulation. Click here to apply!

San Antonio Sales Rep- Key is looking for a Sales Rep for our closet systems & shelving line. Click here to apply!

Upcoming Events

June 23rd- HCBA Energy Code Training Class

June 25th- Children’s Hunger Fund Volunteer Workday

June 26th- Young Marines Camo Fun Run

July 13th- HBA Austin Mid-Year Housing Forecast