What does cavity filled mean?

There are no gaps voids or compressions in the insulation. All six sides of the cavity are in contact with insulation.

What is Cellulose and how is it applied?

Cellulose is 85% recycled newspaper treated with chemicals to resist burning. Walls are installed as a spray applied with moisture adhesive.

What is Spray Foam and how is it applied?

Spray Foam is polyurethane, a combination of 2 products that are combined on site. It is applied at pressure through a special gun that sprays it against the wall and it then expands 140 times its original volume.

What is a healthy home?

A Healthy Home is one that has been designed, constructed, maintained, or rehabilitated in a manner that supports the health of its residents.

What does “R-value” really mean?

R-value is a measure of insulation’s thermal resistance.

How does cellulose perform in a fire?

Cellulose is treated with borate, making it a Class 1 Fire rating insulation. The borate coating on the cellulose prevents the fire from quickly spreading. In a two-month study at the University of Colorado School of Architecture and Planning, researchers created a video “The Big Burn” where it proves cellulose outperformed the fiberglass insulation.


What’s the Best Insulation?

Each insulation solution has its own unique qualities and the solution is different for each sustainable design and construction project.

What is the best insulation for sound?

There is always a good, better, best solution. The Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating for each insulation is included in their specifications.

What is the Difference between closed cell and open cell foam?

Closed cell insulation is a more dense option, typically used for structural integrity. In our climate zone, open cell is the more prominent choice due to the cost and function.

What is a hybrid insulation system?

A hybrid system is one where we utilize the proper insulation to match the homeowner’s insulation goals, budget, and the house structure. For instance, to save some money up front, a builder will often decide to use Spray Foam insulation on the roofline and install Cellulose in the walls.