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Key Insulation is SPFA Certified


The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance professional certification is one of the most rigorous, extensive and defining programs for SPF professionals. It is the measure of personal and professional accomplishment in the industry, and a demonstration among professionals of the essential knowledge, skills and abilities inherent among the highest class of Sprayfoam Professional. Their world-class certification program continuously raises the bar on safety, performance, quality and professionalism among SPF industry professionals. As a member for five years now, Key Insulation is proud to say that we have 4 of the 17 Project Manager Certifications in the nation.

Submit Your Plans Online

KIKey Insulation has added a feature to our website that allows builders to upload plans online! It is a fast and easy way to get plans submitted for a free quote. Click here to check it out!

Key Updates

Milex 2.0 Insulation

Key Insulation has started testing a new product called Milex 2.0 produced by TVM Industries Inc. Milex 2.0 is an environmentally friendly insulation made from Sorghum grain grown in the Texas Panhandle and Milexprocessed in the DFW metroplex. It is a blown-in insulation that won’t settle over time and is a hypoallergenic product as it is dust and itch free. While they may resemble a bag of Cheetos or packing peanuts, these small light weight pieces of grain get the job done when it comes to providing long lasting energy efficient attic insulation. Testing stage only.

Builders Energy Rater News: 2015 IECCTexas

The 2015 IECC has recently been adopted by the state of Texas, which will take effect next year. Changes in the energy code will make homes built with the 2015 requirements 18% more energy efficient than those built to the previous 2009 requirements. Roughly half of the country is currently under the 2009 IECC, and so the adoption to the 2015 IECC brings Texas to the forefront of the country accompanied by only two other states who have also adopted the new code, Vermont and Maryland. The 2015 IECC aims to be more user-friendly, in order to make it easier to realize the targeted energy savings.

Kids Corner

Back to School

B2S01The kids (as well as parents, I’m sure) are excited for their first day back at school! Pictured below is BER’s Daniel Carpenter’s two kiddos, Calvin and Aurora. To the right we have BER’s Albert Sala’sdaughter, Alexia, on her first day of 7th grade! We wish all the students the best of luck this year!

Supporting our TroopsBER

BER’s Kristi-Fry Jewett and her twin boys, Matt and Jacob, take a picture just before their deployment. They are both Combat Engineers in the Texas Army National Guard and will be clearing IED’s in Kabul, Afghanistan over the next 9 months. Keep the family in your prayers over these 9 months! And thank you guys for serving our country!

Getting Involved: SA Young Marines BBQ Fundraiser

Picture13The San Antonio Young Marines, along with their commander, BER’s Albert Salas, held a BBQ Fundraiser at Caliente Harley-Davison in late August. They had live music, face painting, a raffle and a blood drive in which they had over 30 volunteers donate! Overall, it was a great turnout and everyone had a blast!

Global Leadership SummitPicture11

The Global Leadership Summit, founded in 1992 by Willow Creek Association (WCA), exists to help Christians grow their leadership to maximize Kingdom impact. WCA is committed to a singular idea: that inspired, encouraged and equipped Christian leaders create thriving local churches that redeem their communities for Christ. It is a world-class leadership event impacting 260,000 people in 875 cities and 120 countries in which you are presented with many opportunities to sharpen your skills and develop the people you lead. No matter where you lead, The Global Leadership Summit is an experience designed to help you get better and embrace your grander vision—the reason God called you to lead. Broadcast LIVE in HD from Willow’s campus near Chicago to over 375 Premier Host Sites in North America and later around the world.

As Key Insulation attends each year, we find it is a great opportunity for our employees to get the chance listen to renown speakers such as Horst Schulze, Brian Houston, Carly Fiorina, Patrick Lencioni, Jeffrey Immelt and many more talk about what it is to be a great leader. We hope to see some of you there next year!

FREE APP—Download several years of speakers/topics with the GLSnext app! Gives you instant access to hundreds of free videos from world-class Summit speakers. New videos weekly that you can browse by topic, speaker, and category.

Upcoming Events

Events Attended:

Aug. 6-7th Global Leadership Summit

Aug. 11th   San Antonio Mid-Year Housing Forecast

Upcoming events:

Sept. 16th  CSI Air Barrier Education Seminar

Sept. 21st  BuildPAC Golf Tournament

Oct. 1st       Texas State Job Fair