The C12 Group


Key Insulation is proud to be a part of The C12 Group, a unique group for Christian CEOs and business owners who are dedicated to business, ministry and personal growth. The C12 Group is all about helping Christian leaders achieve excellence through best-practice professional development, peer sharpening, consistent accountability, and learning with the eternal   perspective in mind. They focus on actions and activities that deliver the goal of growing great businesses and expanding the Kingdom of God.

Unlike other CEO round table organizations, C12 Groups are led by full-time, experienced peer business leaders with a mature Biblical faith, who    focus exclusively on their C12 practice. Bill Sitter, Chair Member of C12 Central Texas, meets one-on-one with members each month, to focus on specific business and spiritual needs. The long-term result of these relationships and trustworthy, hands-on facilitation far exceeds traditional coaching models, providing the best of peer sharpening and lifelong learning for an eternal purpose.

As a member for over two years, Key Insulation continues to focus on being a Christ-centered business guided by Biblical principles. We strive to incorporate these principles throughout   business practices and our employees.

Giving Back to the Community

SA Young Marines

Albert Salas, a former USMC sergeant and a valued employee of Builders Energy Rater for nearly 4 years, dedicates a great deal of time helping teach discipline and hard work to a group of Young Marines. The Young Marines is a youth education and service program for boys and girls, ages 8 through completion of high school.

The program focuses on character building,   leadership, and promotes a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. Young  Marine units are community-based programs lead by dedicated adult volunteers. Many of these volunteers are former, retired, active duty or reserve Marines who    passionately believe that the values they learned as Marines had a positive effect on them. It is through these caring adults that Young Marines learn the inner values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

A5869352_origlthough the organization was founded in 1958, there had not been an active unit in San Antonio since 1972 until Albert and his wife began the unit again in 2010. Since then, they have had over 150 kids participate in boot camp, located at Camp Bullis, where they undergo an intense week of being challenged physically, mentally and emotionally before earning the title of a Young Marine. As a Young Marine, they are involved in community service work as well, including their own Ramps for Warriors program, where they build wheel chair ramps for any service members or veterans in need of one, at no cost to them.

Insulate America’s Best Employee

Key Insulation’s Cory Nickodam and Jorge Hernandez were nominated and recognized as Insulate America’s “Best Employee” of this year’s second quarter, which gets their profile in the booklet    distributed to all the companies who are members of Insulate America.

Cory_NickodamCory, San Antonio’s Business Process Manager, joined our team last June and has proven himself a valuable member in multiple aspects. His ability to balance multiple items at any given time keeps our processes flowing smoothly and efficiently. In this fast-paced and stressful environment, Cory continues to uphold a high regard for customer service and will do what it takes to have issues resolved. This position requires a person with a special set of skills and Cory continues to improve exponentially. We appreciate Cory’s hard work and expect even more great thing from him in the future!

Picture2Jorge,  an  Insulation Installer in Austin, is on the right path to be a great  asset for our company. During his time of employment, Jorge has shown the right attitude and the desire to learn the insulation trade as well as the ability to teach his co- workers. We are proud to nominate Jorge as our Best Employee in America!

Being nominated also puts them in the running to win a potential $10,000. Good luck! Again, we wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of your hard work!

Warehouse Rehab


Check out Eli and Carl as they revamp our warehouse! After all of their hard work, the renovation includes a new storage room for our foam barrels and an inventory storage area. They have also put up a green wall to create a drive-through work space for Miguel, our mechanic, to work on vehicles. Notice, both Ross and Abraham had surgery and are in braces. We wanted to report that both of them are now out of braces and are recovering well!

Disclaimer: This is a before and after of the warehouse only, Ross and Abraham did not lose weight and become Eli and Carl!

Employee News

Picture11Here at Key, we take many precautions to ensure we have the safest drivers on the road. Each month, and again every quarter, our drivers are recognized for their safety measures. The award is broken down in two categories, large  trucks and smaller vehicles and covers four main areas: acceleration, braking, turning and speeding. This quarter we had a tie! For larger trucks we had Orlando Casiano and and for smaller vehicles we had Renato Torres and Anthony Wise. We wanted to take a moment and applaud them on being safe and excellent drivers!

New Company Additions!


Key Insulation would like to welcome Raluca Betz (top) and Jenny Owen (bottom) as our newest employees!

Raluca is our new Accounting Manager. Prior to Key, she was with a Civil Engineering company. She and her husband recently moved to Texas 6 months ago from Arizona. They are still getting acclimated, but so far are loving the San Antonio area!

Jenny is new to our Marketing department. She comes to us from the HVAC industry. Prior to her working in HVAC,  she received her Bachelors degree in Marketing from Texas State University.