Oh Sweet Retirement

Picture2Retirement is just around the corner for Ross Bacon! After owning the company for over 10  years, he will soon be filling his days with playing golf! His leadership and vision are a few things that made Ross a great boss, but his integrity, respect, and compassion are what makes him a great person to have worked for. We will all miss you!

Congratulations on your well-earned retirement and to extending your weekend by five days!!


Key Keeps Growing!

Picture14Travis Criss– Builders Energy Rater would like to welcome Travis to the team! He is a Texas State graduate who is now one of our Rating Field Inspectors. He has taken all necessary rating classes and is now an officially certified rater!

Enrique Chavez– Enrique joins Key Picture15Insulation as an assistant to our mechanic, Miguel Tapia. He is in charge of inventory and helping out with vehicle repairs. We want to give a big welcome to these two guys who have been a great addition to Key!

Thank You to Meritage Homes

We want to thank our friends at Meritage Homes in both San Antonio and Austin for being great partners with us since 2009! We have enjoyed 7 years of working along side with them and we hope for many more years to come!Picture16

Brains AND Talent

Congrats Diego! Diego Narezo, son of Picture17Key’s Ed Narezo, has been invited to the Junior Academic All American Bowl in Dallas! He has been 1 of 60 selected to the bowl with over 30,000 players viewed for this prestigious position! This honor is distinctive because no other youth game in the country has both an academic and character-related requirement for an All-American selection. We are very proud of his academic abilities and wish him luck at the game!

Help us send Diego to New York! Diego has also been asked to play in the DMAXX All-American Game in New York in June! Ed Narezo willing be selling BBQ plates that include chicken, sausage, rice and beans for $8 per plate. BBQ plates will be available to pick up here at Key Insulation on Saturday, May 14th at 12:00pm. If you purchase 4 or more plates, we will  deliver them to you! Pleas contact Ed at       ENarezo@KeyInsulation.com or at (210) 831-6266 if you are interested in purchasing tickets.


GO SPURS GO! IBP sent a few of their IT team down for a few days and while they were here they got to take a break from work and enjoy a Spurs game! We enjoyed having them here and look forward to seeing them more in the future!

Pictured from left to right: Marty Luffy, Kevin Long, random Spurs fan, & Jason Lenhart.Picture18

Do Not Be Anxious

What bothers you? What keeps you up at night? What do you worry about? We are told that worry (stress) is a leading health hazard. It saps our strength and places our energies in  areas unproductive. So what do we do?

The apostle Paul suggested, no really commanded his readers “Do not be anxious”…or “Do not worry about anything”. Easy to say, sometimes hard to live. Worry keeps us on edge. Worry can be seen as faithless selfishness: I handle my own problems. George Mueller, a man who lived in daily faith in God’s provisions once said, “The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety He is stating that faith and worry (anxiety) are not at all compatible.  One will drive out the other. If we want to drive out anxiety (worry), we must exercise our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. How? Prayer with thanksgiving to God. Let Him know how you feel, what is going on, your fears and your     victories. He is neither too big or too unconcerned to listen to each of His children. He does not come home from work tired from the day.  He is willing and desiring to spend time with His children. What is bothering you? Tell God.  What frustrates you? Tell God. And expect Him, allow Him to work in your life.

The result is His peace…We often think of peace as a quiet pastoral scene, but the peace here is calm in the middle of a storm.  His peace will guard (a military type term which indicates a diligence of patrol, a sentinel) our hearts and our minds. You want His peace, talk to Him.   Thank Him for His mercy and peace in your life…and watch the worry dissipate into faith and confidence in Him no matter what comes your way.

David Eaton,                                                                                                                                                               Area Team Leader



Events Attended:

April 5th         HBA Austin Lakeway/Bee Cave Chap. Mtg.

April 20th      AIA- Sustainability Through Integrated Design Class

Upcoming Events:

May 12th       HBA Austin Speed Selling Event

May– TBA    IBS Rating Training Class

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